Random Factoid #270

24 04 2010

Another factoid brought to you by Ross v Ross, this time from their post “What are the best movies you have watched on a plane?

I think a great plane movie has to be entertaining and attention-grabbing, but it can’t be too rousing or hilarious because then you can’t fully express yourself (not wanting to wake up those pesky sleeping passengers).  It also has to play well on a computer screen or a screen the size of your wallet.

I selected my two favorite movies that I have watched on a plane, one that was provided by the airline and one I brought myself.

The best movie Continental Airlines has ever provided me is “Michael Jackson’s This Is It.”  And it beat out a Best Picture winner in “A Beautiful Mind” largely because it made me happy.  I just sat there and really realized how many great songs MJ really made.

The best movie I have seen that I brought myself on a plane is “City of God,” Fernando Meirelles’ sweeping tale of the slums of Rio de Janeiro.  In fact, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time.

Any favorites for you all?  Has anyone happened to have seen “Up in the Air” while up in the air?



3 responses

24 04 2010
Ross McG

cheers for the linkage Marshall. yet to see This Is It. wouldnt i be better just putting on the Thriller album? skipping over The Girl Is Mine, of course…

25 04 2010

No, you would not be better. It’s like going to a Michael Jackson concert with the added bonuses of seeing how it was made AND getting to know the artist and the person of Michael Jackson himself.

27 04 2010

Totally agree with you on this one. One of the great foreign classics, hat everybody needs to see.

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