Shameless Advertisement #12 – May

1 05 2010

Well, folks, it’s time.  The blockbuster has popped up here and there in 2010, but Hollywood is about to hit us with a cavalcade of them.  And it all starts here.  In May.

Two of these blockbusters – “Robin Hood” and “Shrek Forever After” – failed to even get a vote for the month’s most anticipated.  We will see if the box office mirrors the expectations reflected here.

A surprise vote-getter was “Babies,” the documentary that follows the first years of four infants across the world.  It scored the same amount of votes (or vote, singular, one vote) as the tentpole action movie “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

I can now be assured that I have female readers judging by the two votes “Sex and the City 2” movie received.

But every other film being released in May combined couldn’t measure up to the staggering five votes that the most anticipated move in May received.  Thus, the shameless advertisement of May is for …

“Iron Man 2.”

The second installment in the series could likely be the biggest opener ever.  Expectations are high after the first provided an entertaining blend of humor, action, and intelligence.

In my May preview post, I wrote:

“Iron Man 2″ kicks off the summer movie season with a bang. After its predecessor was the surprise hit of summer 2008, the sequel is opening to very high expectations. Throwing in such tremendous new cast members as Mickey Rourke as villainous Whiplash, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, and Don Cheadle (as a replacement for the role last played by Terrence Howard) has only served to heighten them. But do you really need to be sold? If this movie doesn’t fall in the range of $350-$400 million, it’s a disappointment.

I might make it seem like money is the only thing that matters, but it isn’t.  It’s about the quality of the movie.  And hopefully “Iron Man 2” will deliver.

Have a great May and a great summer at the movies!



2 responses

3 05 2010

Awesome, awesome, awesome film. I don’t care what anybody else says.

3 05 2010

I’m literally fuming that the UK and the rest of the world gets to see it before everyone else.

WHY, powers that be, WHY?!

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