Random Factoid #410

11 09 2010

Happy Patriot Day, as today has been designated.  Nine years later, we still will never forget.  So forget “The Hurt Locker” and especially forget “Green Zone” today.  I am an American and proud of it; no movie will ever make me feel ashamed of my country.

As you can see, this factoid comes with the poster for the 2000 Mel Gibson movie “The Patriot.”  It’s a nice tie-in with the subject of today’s factoid, the movies I watched in school.  (Conversation starter courtesy of Moviefone’s Inside Movies.)

I remember many a movie I watched in school.  Most of them come from lower and middle school; I recall watching a 40-minute segment of “Gladiator” in my freshman Latin class and all of “Luther” in my sophomore history class.

In my eighth grade history class, I was introduced to the greatness that was “The Last of the Mohicans” and “The Patriot,” two great movies about America around her birth.

In sixth grade, we spent an entire week watching Stanley Kubrick’s “Spartacus” in my Latin class.  It was very entertaining and informative, plenty worth the wait to understand the phrase “I am Spartacus.”

Beyond that, I really can’t think of other movies.  But when I inevitably remember them, they will make for some easy factoid material.



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