Random Factoid #489

29 11 2010

Every movie blog I read has been offering thoughts, thoughts, and more thoughts on the AMPAS’ announcement of the hosts for the 83rd Academy Awards.  But in case my blog is the closest you get to movie news, let me fill you in on a little secret: James Franco and Anne Hathaway were tapped to host.

In my opinion, this is something to celebrate.  Both are dramatic actors with incredibly potent comedic talent (as evidenced by their “Saturday Night Live” appearances), and they have an exuberant youthful charm that makes them incredible winning figures.  I think they will light up the Oscar stage, and if anyone has any doubts, see Anne Hathaway’s song-and-dance number with Hugh Jackman from two years ago.

It’s a curious choice indeed with the hosts having performances in play for big awards, but I think if we leave the politics out of it (which many Oscar analysts won’t), it will be an inspired show.  The pairing of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin worked last year, and the 2010 variation on the buddy host scheme is meant to appeal to a younger crowd.  This generation (hem, my generation) has not traditionally shown an interest in the show, and Franco and Hathaway will certainly be a draw.

All I can say is: I’m still waiting for someone to top Whoopi Goldberg’s “African Queen” moment from 1999, which is one of the main reason why I’m obsessed with the Oscars.  (Read more about it in Random Factoid #221.)



One response

29 11 2010

I guess I don’t mind the selection, but if it were up to me, Martin and Baldwin would be hosts for life. I don’t doubt Franco and Hathaway’s ability to entertain, but I guess this just isn’t that exciting because in my mind they won’t be able to top last year. Not to mention, having two current actors host is a little bit weird for me. Imagine if Jeremy Renner and Meryl Streep had hosted last year, obviously not the same situation, but still kind of weird.

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