Random Factoid #149

24 12 2009

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!  I hope everyone is able to spend some time with family or loved ones and really catch the spirit of the season.

In my family, Christmas Eve follows a pretty set routine.

In the morning, we usually do some hard-core baking.  At 2:00, we go to the Christmas Eve service at church.  Before we go to a Christmas Eve party that we plan with three other families around dusk, we all gather around and watch a Christmas movie.  This year, we watched “The Polar Express.”  Previous years’ selections have included “Elf” and “The Santa Clause 2.”

Random Factoid #126

1 12 2009

I have been saving this one for a while, and you are really in for a treat.  Since today is December 1st, it seemed like a good time.

In 2003, I became quite obsessed with “Elf.”  I even went as far as to create what I called the “Moviegoers Challenge,” designed to see how much people really paid attention in the movie.  I’ll attach a Microsoft Word file for you to download it, but I’ll paste it onto this post.  If you decided to actually take it, keep in mind that I actually knew all the answers to this.

Elf Moviegoers Challenge – click here to download.

Full challenge is posted after the break.

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REVIEW: A Christmas Carol

29 11 2009

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” gets the title “timeless” bestowed on it because every year at Christmas, some new version of his story is spawned.  Robert Zemeckis is the latest filmmaker to take a stab at the tale.  Rather than revamp, retool, or recondition the story, he simply uses modern technology to retell it in a fun way that stays true to the source material and keeps the soul intact.  His “A Christmas Carol” bottles up the real spirit of the holiday season like no recent movie and spreads it through the audience.  It really is an empowering feeling to walk out of a movie inspired to put that twenty-dollar bill in the Salvation Army bin, not in the cash register at the mall.

The story of Ebenezer Scrooge is probably the second most well-known holiday yarn, weaved into the very fabric of the holiday season itself.  We all know it: the old miser with a heart colder than the snow packed on the London sidewalks gets a wake-up call that changes him.  Prior, Scrooge scoffed at Christmas with a “bah, humbug.”  He scorned those who wanted to care for him and refused to give care to the people that need it the most.  He treats his employee like dirt and gives him wages that amount to little more than that.  But Scrooge gets a visit from three ghosts – the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come – that change his perspective by reminding him of the joy that the season used to bring, the plight of those less fortunate, and the bleak future that awaits him if he doesn’t change his ways.  The result is a more tender-hearted man who appreciates Christmas and the giving spirit that accompanies it.

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Random Factoid #121

26 11 2009

Thanksgiving Day isn’t necessarily a huge moviegoing day for my family, at least nowhere near as big as Christmas.  It is the first day that my dad permits listening to Christmas music (although that hasn’t stopped me from listening to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” ten times already on my laptop).  When we do go, they have been family movies (“Enchanted” in 2007, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” today) so be thankful for that time we can share together.

Random Factoid #96

1 11 2009

Welcome to the glorious November!  For me, the first day of the month of November means that it is now OK to listen to Christmas music again (although I started about a week ago when we started singing Christm- … pardon me, holiday carols in choir).  So today’s factoid is somewhat of a confession.  I like to watch Christmas movies during the summer to remind myself of the splendor of the season when it is 100˚ here in Houston.  I watched “Elf” at least 10 times a few summers ago.

Random Factoid #30

27 08 2009

My obsession with the Academy Awards when I was younger wasn’t exactly a secret.  So I don’t know why I was so surprised when I received a book with a detailed recap of every single winner from two different people one Christmas about seven years ago.  I still have them both, but maybe one should go to the recycling bin.  My pick would be with my little brother’s scribbles on the cover.