Shameless Advertisement #2 – September

1 09 2009

Today is September 1st, a date that marks the start of the fall movie season (at least in my mind).  I have posted half of my fall movie preview and I have also asked my readers to answer the poll for their most anticipated movie in that month.  I just decided that the movie that wins this poll wins a “Shameless Advertisement” on the first day of the month.  NOTE: If I don’t want to see the movie, I have no qualms in calling it a “shameful advertisement.”

In September, 6 readers took the poll.  I have a positive statistic to report for once.  86% of readers who looked at the post took the poll.  Thanks, readers for giving me hope that you do listen, and that I’m not just a lost lumberjack crying the wilderness when I ask you to share your opinions!

No movie won a clear majority of the votes, and I have decided my tiebreaker to be the movie that I want to see the most.  But, in the interest of fairness, I will post a link to the trailers for the other two “winners”: “Jennifer’s Body” and “Fame.”

The movie that has earned a shameless advertisement on “Marshall and the Movies” for September 2009 is … Read the rest of this entry »

Random Factoid #9/Shameless Advertisement #1

6 08 2009

The length of a movie should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.

– Alfred Hitchcock


I hate going to the bathroom during movies.  If you read Random Factoid #7 about how I hate watching movies when they aren’t exactly from the beginning, then you might have seen this coming.  Part of the problem is the giant cups at movie theaters.  The small is enough to burst the bladders of a family of four.


I honestly have no idea how I stumbled across this site.  But is a site that tells you exactly when you should go the bathroom during a movie.  It tells you the exact time in the movie, what you will be missing, and how long you have in the john.  There is even an iPhone app for this, so it really comes in handy when you are in theater.  If only I knew about this site when I went to see “King Kong”…