Random Factoid #4

1 08 2009

I have only walked out of a movie once.  The movie was “The Return,” a crummy 2006 horror film with Sarah Michelle Gellar.  It was my first time to go to the movies as a social occasion, and I couldn’t understand why people didn’t want to go see the infinitely better “Casino Royale” which was opening that day.  I now realize that for big gatherings, it’s best to see movies that you don’t actually want to see because you just sit in the front and talk, irking other moviegoers who then call the manager and get the loudest members of your group kicked out.  After a fair few of my friends had been not so politely escorted out of the theater, the remainder of us decided to leave.  I have absolutely no desire to watch what I missed, or even to go on Wikipedia and read what I missed.

I guess, technically speaking, I walked out of “Bruno” too.  There were about 20 minutes left in the movie, and I noticed that the picture was getting especially blurry.  I leaned over and I asked my friend if she noticed it, and she didn’t seem concerned about it.  Sure enough, about a minute later, the projector broke and the lights came on in the theater.  We decided to wait it out as they fixed it, but when the movie came back on, it resumed in the wrong spot.  The theater booed until they turned it off and tried to get us back to the right spot, but that just led to it breaking three more times about every two minutes.  After about the fifth break, we were among the last twenty people in a previously packed house, and we decided to just leave.  I would have stayed until the very raunchy end had it not been for the projector.



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