Random Factoid #8

5 08 2009

I have only fallen asleep while watching a movie in a theater once.

The movie was “Iron Man.” I love the movie; in fact, I just watched it yesterday and I think I may like it even more than I thought. But I had just spent a week at a Young Life camp in Canada, and I was completely spent. By 10:50 when the movie started, we had traveled for 8 hours on buses and ferries. I managed to stay awake for the first half, but I fell asleep right aroud when Tony flies in his new suit for the first time. I was awakened from my sweet slumber by the hand of my Young Life leader yanking me forward. He later explained to me that he had tried gently nudging and talking, but eventualy it came to the point where he had to give me a hard pull, and I would either wake up or get a pavement sandwich.

Watching movies at my humble abode is a different story. If it is past 11:00, I often slip into the world of my dreams, even in some of my favorite movies.



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