Random Factoid #14

11 08 2009

When I was about 6 years old (in 1998), I became infatuated with writing my favorite movie characters’ birthdays on my calendar.  I put most of them in October because my birthday is in October.  I remember Hallie and Annie, the twins from “The Parent Trap” played by Lindsay Lohan, were on October 11th (the only reason I remember this is because they say that is their birthday in the movie, which I watched this weekend in Florida).  The only other character I can remember writing on the calendar is Me Me Seku from the Tim Allen comedy “Jungle 2 Jungle.”  I am positive that there were many more, but my memory fails me.



One response

11 08 2009

hahahahahahhahahahha…marshall’s factoids = craziest shit ever

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