A Very Proud Moment in the History of “Marshall and the Movies”

13 08 2009

I have been shamelessly plastering my articles all over the film blogs I love the most, and I have received some warm recognition.  But today marks a very proud achievement for me and the blog.  Possibly the most respected movie critic of all-time, Roger Ebert, has acknowledged “Marshall and the Movies” and lauded its goals, specifically the “Mindless Moviegoing” feature.

Roger Ebert's Comment!

Thanks to anyone who has ever read this blog because if you didn’t, I would just be a neurotic teenager talking to myself.  Go see movies like “The Hurt Locker” and “(500) Days of Summer!”  Go off the beaten path!  Explore the boundaries of cinema!  I can’t think of anymore things to say that end in an exclamation point!

Until the next reel,



3 responses

13 08 2009

That is insane.

15 05 2010

I have been reading your blog for months now and was clueless that Ebert commented on it! That’s huge Marshall! It is so nice to find this corner of the Internet where other people respect Ebert, read reviews and write them. I am always mocked by the friends my age (and even the older ladies I work with) because I religiously read reviews, either before or after I see a movie. (Recently, I re-watched “The Lion King” and read Ebert’s review on it.) Today, I was very discouraged by my generation when I was checking out DVDs in the library I work at, and the patron goes “Yea, this is my favorite movie! American Pie Band Camp!” Blogs like this and others I have found on the inter web have “reassured” me ,if you will, that I am not alone.
Congrats on your blog success!

15 05 2010
Frank Mengarelli

That is f**king hot. Good for you man. I do think “The Hurt Locker” became a trendy film…I thought it was good, until it received the “Gladiator”, “Snatch”, “Big Lebowski” fanfare.

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