Random Factoid #31

28 08 2009

I have always been a fan of reading a book from which a movie is adapted before going to see the film.  Usually, I like the book better.  But, in my opinion, whichever you experience first makes indelible impression on you, making it hard to enjoy the other one without making judgement based on the other.

My book choices are often based around movies, often slaving myself to finish books before they are released on the big screen.  I finished “Flags of our Fathers” literally minutes before walking into theater.  However, my habits will change soon.  I want to see all the adapted movies considered to be Oscar contenders this year without having my experience tainted by prior knowledge.  Nothing is more painful than sitting in a movie saying, “That wasn’t in the book,” or “Why did they leave that part out?”  (Cough, “Public Enemies.”)



One response

29 08 2009

*cough* Watchmen.

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