Random Factoid #56

22 09 2009

I generally don’t like to clap at the end of movies.  If a movie is amazing like “The Dark Knight,” then I will be more than happy to clap until my hands fall off.  But unfortunately, peer pressure forces me into clapping for many movies that don’t deserve it, such as “Step Brothers”  (To defend myself from numerous friends who love that movie, I will only say that I enjoyed it but it doesn’t deserve my applause).  My general views on applause are that it is not a universally accepted behavior, and it often leads to awkward passing glances from other moviegoers exiting the theater that seem to say, “Didn’t I hear enough from you laughing your face off during the movie?”  They might read differently to other people who don’t laugh so loud or hard.

A random tidbit for the end: I have only applauded once during the middle of a movie aside from uproarious laughter, and that was for Jennifer Hudson’s glorious rendition of “I Am Telling You I Am Not Going” from “Dreamgirls.”



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