Random Factoid #58

24 09 2009

Today’s factoid concerns my obsession in the first grade, “Fantasia 2000.” I saw it right after the dawn of the new millenium at the brand spanking new IMAX screen at the Edwards Marq*E. I had a phobia of IMAX screens thanks to the big booming voice at the Houston Museum of Natural Science which scared the living daylights out of me when it introduced the movie. Somehow, I overcame my fear to see “Fantasia 2000,” and I was absolutely mesmerized. I bought the soundtrack instantly and listened to it every morning on the way to school, most likely driving the two girls I carpooled with off the wall. It was an absolute obsession; any frequent reader knows I don’t use that word lightly.



One response

25 09 2009

I remember when I saw fantasia 2000, I was in kindergarten and I saw it at the Marq’ue IMAX also. It really was truly awesome. It was walt”‘s post-mortem promise

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