Random Factoid #61

27 09 2009

Yesterday, I had the distinct privilege of touring the Kodak Theater, permanent home of the Academy Awards ceremony. Someone on my tour asked what happened to the Oscar statuette when the recipient dies. The guide told us that the Academy repossesses the statue, but in the case of Heath Ledger, his father was given the Oscar.

But in my mind, the encyclopedia of Academy Awards knowledge, a red flag went up. She was wrong. In Ledger’s case, the statue went into the custody of his baby mama, Michelle Williams. When his daughter, Matilda, turns 18, the Oscar will be given to her.

Did I speak up and inform the tour about the egregious error? Of course not. What kind of person do you think I am, someone willing to humiliate the guide to puff up my ego? Shame on you if your mind answered yes to my first question.



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