Random Factoid #66

2 10 2009

I really like to get to movies early because I prefer sitting in the middle and towards the top.  Usually, I am able to get a reasonable seat.  I can, however, think of two horrible moviegoing experiences that were strongly affected by my seat.

  1. I have described this experience in a previous factoid, but for my 8th birthday party, the theater reserved us a row right behind the railing for “The Grinch.”
  2. I saw “The Reader” from the second row.  I had to crane my neck for two hours to watch a lackluster movie.  Also, Kate Winslet doesn’t look quite as good from such an angle.



2 responses

3 10 2009

I saw the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, with the extended versions of TFOTR and TTT’s with the release of ROTK is the second row. It was pure torture, but still an experience that I may never have the chance at again.

5 10 2009

I’m sure that one day they will re-release them for some extra cash. My bet is they will be remastered in 3D.

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