Random Factoid #84

20 10 2009

Because I call these “random” factoids, I feel no hesitation in throwing some really bizarro stuff at you.  I feel like putting your feet up on the chair in front of you at a movie theater, given that no one is sitting in that seat, is a virtually inalienable right.  If there were movies back in 1776, Thomas Jefferson would have written it into the Declaration of Independence.  Can’t you just hear it: “life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the ability to rest your feet on the chair in front of you while enjoying a quality movie.”  It really rolls off the tongue.  However, while watching “The Informant!” at the prestigious ArcLight theater in Hollywood, I decided to kick back in my chair and pop my feet up on the chair in front of me.  But almost instantaneously, I was approached by the manager and told to put my feet on the ground.  According to him, it was a health risk because they served food in the theater.  It seemed like a non-sequitur to me, but I had just paid $15 for a ticket and didn’t want to get kicked out of the theater.  No one sat in the seat during the movie, and it was so hard to resist the temptation to rest my feet on the headrest.



2 responses

21 10 2009
James D.

Whenever an employee comes into a theater, I immediately put my feet down. Do they not understand how much it enhances the theater experience?

22 10 2009

Fascist swine! EVERYONE knows it’s totally acceptable to use the seat in front of you as a footrest if no one’s sitting there. Honestly, this kind of harassment is why people moviehop.

It’s funny, though — in all the S.C. theaters I’ve been in, I usually stretch my legs across three seats (yeah, I’m tall). No one’s ever said a word. Hmm.

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