Random Factoid #117

22 11 2009

Last week, I proved to myself that I am less like Woody Allen or Larry David than I thought.

I was at an advanced movie screening, and the star was there to answer questions afterwards.  I had managed to secure second-row seats, but the friend I was meeting was running late.  With a few minutes before his seat would be sold, I started to worry frantically.  I had to run up to give him the ticket as soon as he got there.  But there was no one to guard the seats I had secured.  So, I scribbled a note on a page ripped out of the notebook I brought.  It read: “PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THESE SEATS.  I GOT HERE FIRST.  THANK YOU. <3, MARSHALLANDTHEMOVIES.”

After five minutes waiting up top, I knew I had to return to my seat or I might not have one.  I came back to the row to discover two non-adjacent seats open on the row.  A very well-dressed women had taken a seat where I had left my note.  I asked, “Are those two seats taken?”

She replied, “No, I believe not.”

A little bit of anger was working up inside of me.  “They wouldn’t happen to be occupied by the person that left that note?”

She giggled, “Oh, I don’t know what happened to them.”

A part of me wanted to reprimand her for blatantly disregarding my note.  If I had not secured front-row seats, I probably would have.  But nonetheless, it was a victory for my self-control.



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