Random Factoid #147

22 12 2009

I sat for over an hour at a screening yesterday watching a trivia reel on a loop.  I complain about the pre-show entertainment and the endless advertising, but having to sit through the same trivia questions dozens of times could drive Gandhi mad.

However, once, I managed to make trivia entertaining.

At the 8:10 opening night show of “Bruno,” the projector broke (I think I called it a “mercy killing” in my review).  While the AMC staff slowly worked to fix the projector, they flipped on the trivia reel.

The first time, my friends and I offered our guesses at who said what quote.  But by about the third time around, it was getting reaaaaaaaally boring, so we had to spice it up some.  It was fun for a little while by yelling out BS answers to the quotes, yet even that got old.

We walked out.



2 responses

27 12 2009

I remember shouting “Morgan Freeman!” a few times.

27 12 2009

I remember shouting Dick Cheney a few times.

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