Random Factoid #161

5 01 2010

Building off yesterday’s factoid about in-room movies in hotels, do I have a story for you!

On a college trip to Southern California this last September with my dad, I did as my instinct told me when we checked into the Marriott.  Check the in-room movies.  See what is available.

My dad had given the OK for me to rent a movie, and I had selected “The Hangover.”  But as I hit the very large yellow “PURCHASE” button on the remote, nothing happened.  I hit it again.  Still nothing.  A hundred angry clicks later, “The Hangover” still hadn’t been rented.

We called the hotel’s service to come and investigate, and they concluded that the TV was malfunctioning.  They moved us to a room where the in-room movies worked and gave us two free rentals.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it got me “The Hangover” and “(500) Days of Summer.”



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