Random Factoid #162

6 01 2010

I meant to inform you of this groundbreaking decision last week, but how sense escapes me!

Well, I made a big decision…


I chose on Christmas Day and was expecting for almost a week, when on New Year’s Eve, my bundle of joy arrived!

The screenplay was Nick Hornby’s “An Education,” a beautifully written drama with plenty of wit.  I don’t know what made me choose it (especially because I can download the screenplay from the Sony Pictures Classics FYC site).

Just call it Christmas spirit.



3 responses

6 01 2010

What a great holiday present for yourself! I’ve never bought a screenplay, but it sounds like a fantastic idea…

6 01 2010

That is so cool. I only bought one screenplay in my life. It was Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous.”

I want to see the bootleg director’s cut version of the movie so bad.

8 01 2010

I LOVE “Almost Famous”!!!

Do you think it is too well-known to feature as a “F.I.L.M.” of the Week? I would love an excuse to watch it again…

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