Random Factoid #170

14 01 2010

Thanks to blogging buddy Branden over at Foolish Blatherings, I have received my first award (of sorts).  He wrote:

Marshall at Marshall at the Movies – Marshall’s blog is fascinating that he could have film reviews, random factoids and could have room for Oscar talk. Anybody talking about Oscar is high on my list of must see.

Thanks, Branden!  If I ever do anything big with my blogging career, we can say you were the first person to see the future and put it in writing (althought that would make you sound kind of like James Cameron).



2 responses

14 01 2010

You are very welcome, Marshall.

14 01 2010


I think you need a photo or avatar of you some place on the site…It would add a personal touch…Maybe a shot of you in “hollywood mode”? You MUST have taken photos when you did the Universal tour….

Your fan,

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