Random Factoid #187

31 01 2010

I found out today that for a part that I am playing in the musical “Kiss Me, Kate,” I need to get a gangster accent.  So to get this accent, where else am I turning but the movies?  My initial thought was Robert DeNiro in “GoodFellas” for a very threatening accent, but I’m now thinking that Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Departed” might be good as well.

Anyone else have any thoughts?



2 responses

3 02 2010

That sort of depends on what ethnicity supposed to be. Age is important too. For an older gangster, I’m not sure anyone beats Brando from ‘The Godfather.’ Unfortunately that accent has sort of passed into being a cliche these days. I think De Niro is a good choice for an Italian and Dicaprio a good choice for an Irishmen.

6 02 2010

why not try tony soprano, this guy does it well

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