Random Factoid #200

13 02 2010

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been sharing this experience with you all for 200 days, yet here we are.  Random Factoid #200.

“Marshall and the Movies” is not, however, the first movie blog I have written.  Back in December 2007, I attempted to start an Oscars blog called “Bold Oscar Predictions.”  The site would be largely modeled after AwardsDaily and InContention, the two sites I frequent the most.  My main goal was to write columns that used the history of the Academy’s choices to predict the nominees and winners.

I set up the site the day after I finished my finals in ninth grade, although I can’t seem to pinpoint my motivation.  My first post was to be called “Why Amy Adams Won’t Be Nominated for an Oscar.”  I was almost finished when I had to go out the door, never to return again.

I set the site up on a random server, and I made the stupid mistake of not writing down what I called it or where I set it up.  For over two years, I have been searching for this blog.  It was all in vain until a few weeks ago when I was cleaning out the spam from my Gmail account.  I got a notice from “blog.com,” which I was about to delete before I remembered “Bold Oscar Predictions.”  After a lengthy reset password process, I finally found the blog.  Completely barren, of course, but it was still nice to have finally found it.

(Oh, and Amy Adams, if you ever read this, it’s ABSOLUTELY nothing personal on the post.  Your role as Julie Powell is what inspired this blog!)



One response

14 02 2010

I had a similar experience recently. I remembered vaguely that in 2004 (when I was fourteen or fifteen) I had written a positively AWFUL, paragraph-long, three-star review of “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls” but couldn’t remember where. Well, in November, I had to use my dad’s computer for something when I had the urge to look in the Microsoft Word documents for whatever reason, and lo and behold, THERE IT WAS. So, I read it and had a good laugh. And, above all, wondered what in the hell I was smoking when I wrote it.

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