Random Factoid #206

19 02 2010

Today marks the release of “Shutter Island,” the first movie in 2010 that I actually have an active interest in seeing.

Today is also February 19th.  I thought to myself that this was pretty late for the first interesting movie of the year to come out.

So I consulted my ticket collection at the first movies I saw in a given year released in that year.  The latest recorded day that I have seen my first movie of a given year was “Wild Hogs” on March 11, 2007.  Every other year, I had seen a new release in January.

Could this year top 2007?  Hopefully not, because I really want to see “Shutter Island.”  But depending on how my history research paper and musical rehearsal go, it could be a photo finish…



3 responses

21 02 2010
Dreher Bear (...Where The Buffalo Roam)

That’s so weird, I couldn’t make it to Shutter Island tonight because I had to write a first draft of my research paper (Woman’s Christian Temperance Union in Aberdeen, SD) that’s due tomorrow by noon for my History 480 class (not even lying).

22 02 2010

Funny how our circumstances tie us together, whether we like them or not.

23 02 2010

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