Random Factoid #227

12 03 2010

Because I run this blog and I get to define what on earth a “random factoid” actually is, I’ve decided to do something a little different today. It’s my artistic license, and I’m exercising it.

I am not without fault. While dunking Oreos before studying for my AP US History test yesterday, I caught a few brief moments of the 2002 movie “Mr. Deeds” on TBS (taking a study break is NOT the fault to which I referred). Suddenly, I remembered whenever I saw it in theaters.

Then I remembered one of my very first factoids: Random Factoid #5, in fact. Pay attention to the bolded section below.

My parents were very protective of the movies I saw, and I will always remember the first PG-13 and R movies that I ever saw.

The first PG-13 movie I saw was “Ever After: A Cinderella Story.” It was shown to me by a babysitter who now runs her own stationery line.

The first PG-13 movie I saw in theaters was “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde.” I got to see it as a reward for my days spent fighting off a viral pneumonia in the Monterrey County Hospital (that’s right, I got pneumonia while vacationing in Pebble Beach).

The first R movie I saw was “Crimson Tide.” My dad started watching it on Encore when I was in the room, and he let me watch it with him.

The first R movie I saw in theaters was “Flags of our Fathers.” The only reason that I was allowed to see it was because I had read the book for a school assignment.

I misspoke. “Legally Blonde 2” was released in 2003, a full year after I saw “Mr. Deeds.”

I admitted my faults. My confessional is complete.



One response

12 03 2010

I must admit I saw Legally Blonde 2 too. Pretty atrocious movie. The first one was hilarious though.

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