Random Factoid #237

22 03 2010

After seeing “Avatar” yesterday for the second time in 3-D, I have come to this conclusion: it is the only 3-D movie that has not given me a headache or made my eyes hurt.

I don’t know if I have just been broken into the technology that much more or if James Cameron’s movie has really raised the standard that much.

Does anyone know?  Seriously, let me know in the comments!



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22 03 2010

I think it’s because everything is not jumping out at you all at once. Avatar was the first movie I saw in 3D. I didn’t have any strain or headaches afterward.

I was told not to look at the 3D fx directly, like the sun, and you’ll be fine.

22 03 2010
Chris Luby

I have heard the opposite. You are supposed to look at the main focus of the action, like what would have been in focus. However we get headaches when we are looking around too much and our eyes get tired of pretending things are really in 3d instead of the trick that happens making us think its really 3d.

I think avatar is made just right where your eye goes to the right places on purpose because of good direction from all involved. just a thought.

23 03 2010
Dreher Bear (...Where The Buffalo Roam)

I think it really depends on the person since everyone is different in terms of eye sensitivity . I watched it the first time and didn’t have a problem.

24 03 2010

Three really good arguments, y’all. I’m more inclined to agree with Dreher, but any of y’all could be right.

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