Random Factoid #253

7 04 2010

The inspiration for this factoid came from The M0vie Blog reporting that there have been so many people demanding refunds for “Greenberg” that L.A. theaters have had to post signs about it (such as the one on my left).

I have never been so upset by a movie that I have gone to the ticket counter and demanded a refund.  I was actually quite tempted to do so on Friday for “Clash of the Titans,” but there was more to it than that.  Look for more on my experience in a future factoid.

But based on the quality of a movie alone, I have never gone to demand a refund.  Usually I’m mad at myself for seeing the movie; I have a hard time blaming the theater owners.

Hopefully I’ll never have to declare this factoid false.  But what about you?  Anyone seen the movie that really is that bad?

(Oh, and another random little tidbit: I wouldn’t have found this amusing post had it not been for Anomalous Material’s review of “Greenberg.”)



7 responses

7 04 2010
Mad Hatter

There’s been one film I’ve walked out on (during a film festival, where time becomes very valuable)…but I’ve never thought “This sucks, I want my money back”.

Thing is too, in order to get your money back here in Toronto you have to leave within the first thirty minutes. I’ve never pulled the trigger on something that quick!

7 04 2010

That is too quick! I would have walked out on a screening at the Houston Film Festival in November had Tilda freakin’ Swinton not been in attendance screening her latest movie. You can’t walk out on an Oscar winner.

7 04 2010
Aiden R

Yeah, it sucked. Didn’t walk out on it myself, but I can see how so many folks have.

7 04 2010

This is so disheartening … I’m reconsidering seeing “Greenberg” in theaters now. And I was really looking forward to it.

7 04 2010

Thanks for the trackback!

7 04 2010
James D.

I would imagine that a lot of it has to do with people expecting something else with Ben Stiller as the star. I am sure it is comparable to other Baumbach work.

8 04 2010

I hope James D. is right, I thoroughly enjoyed “The Squid and the Whale” and was really looking forward to seeing “Greenberg.” I saw the trailer in the theatre when I went to see “Crazy Heart” and I was immediately excited when I saw it was the same director as “The Squid…” I also felt like a huge movie geek because I was the only one of my friends who had heard of and seen Baumback work.

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