Random Factoid #255

9 04 2010

A week ago, I almost blew a fuse at the ticket kiosk.  I had just looked on my iPhone Fandango app and seen that it was going to cost me $10.50 (too much) to see “Clash of the Titans.”  With parking garage traffic looking congested and not much time to spare before the movie started, I decided to grab my friend’s cash and bolt for the theater to buy the tickets.  The following conversation took place with the woman at the counter.

MARSHALL: I’ll have two tickets for “Clash of the Titans” in 3D at 1:40.

TICKET LADY: That will be $23.00.  Do you have your Regal Card?

MARSHALL: My gosh, have you all raised your prices?

TICKET LADY: It costs more for 3D.  (Side commentary: Well, DUH!)

MARSHALL: No, it didn’t always cost this much to see a 3D movie.

TICKET LADY: I don’t know.  (Side commentary: Yes, you do.  You just don’t want to get outsmarted by me.)

Then there was just awkward silence.  But I almost said, “You can’t keep raising the prices like this or you are going to start losing business.”

I could have used the price discrepancy to get my refund, and I could have used the quality of “Clash of the Titans” as further reason.  But I didn’t.



4 responses

9 04 2010
Dreher Bear (...Where The Buffalo Roam)

Jeez $23.00 for two tickets for a 1:40 showing?! That’s highway robbery! I’m sorry that you had to spend that much :/

9 04 2010

I’m just praying that my money helps a steep second weekend box office decline for “Clash of the Titans” so we can see a brisk end to 3D conversion.

9 04 2010

Prices are going to go up everywhere, and I don’t plan on spending that much. I’m already anti-3D, so this just gives me another reason to say fuck the theaters couches, and wait for DVD releases on movies that I don’t have a major inkling to see on the Big TV.

9 04 2010

The $5 before noon tickets at AMC continue to look like a better and better option each time the prices go up.

In fact, I may seriously consider only going to movies at night whenever the event is worth it (a la “Iron Man 2” or “Inception”).

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