Random Factoid #256

10 04 2010

This makes me really happy.  I think the picture explains it all.

Glad to know Google knows me.



3 responses

10 04 2010
Dreher Bear (...Where The Buffalo Roam)

pretty sweet! I know that I will never be #1 in the search results since I share the same name as a Bill Murray movie.

10 04 2010

Maybe with the ellipses, you can garner enough hits to pop up. I have faith!

12 04 2010

This inspired me to do my own Google search.
“He” brought up “herald Journal,” “Heroes,” and “Heidi Montag”
“He Shot” brought up “he shot me down bang bang” and HE SHOT CYRUS!”
Alright! So, anyone searching for Nancy Sinatra lyrics has a good chance to finding my blog!

He Shot Cyrus

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