Explaining the Sidebar, Part 2

13 04 2010

In the second part of the “Explaining the Sidebar” series, I will further explore the untapped beauty and simplicity of the sidebar.  All hyperboles aside, here we go.

What's Going On at "Marshall and the Movies"

The “What’s Going On” box is my personalized “most popular” section.  WordPress offers a “most popular” section, but I don’t really like the way they pick the posts.  In this box, I link to the pieces that I think are the most exciting and the ones that I am the most proud of writing.  It’s the best that “Marshall and the Movies” has to offer, so give one of the links a click.

The Poll

This is the newest and most flimsy section of the sidebar at the moment.  In an ideal world, I could get the actual poll in the sidebar rather than the actual link (see Cut the Crap Movie Reviews for what I would really like to do).  But for now, click the link and cast your vote in my movies-related poll.  For the overwhelming majority of you all who don’t COMMENT, at least do me the favor of taking the poll.  It’s an anonymous way for you to share your opinions with me.



Pretty simple stuff. If you want to compartmentalize your reading experience, pick a category and you will see only posts falling under that topic.

One thing has changed since I took this snapshot: the deletion of the “Mini-Reviews” category.  I just didn’t see anything that distinguished them from normal reviews.

Recent Comments

Many people have dreamed of having their name in lights.  I can offer you something close if you comment: your name on the sidebar.  Yet another incentive to comment!

Sorry if I’m being really terse in this post; I’m just insanely tired right now.  But again, I’ll open the post up to comments and suggestions about the sidebar.



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