Explaining the Sidebar, Part 3

14 04 2010

In the final installment of the “Explaining the Sidebar” series, I will explain how to operate the heavy machinery that is the final four boxes of the sidebar.  Consider this your license to explore.  (Gosh, 5 Hour Energy makes me so cheesy!)

Blog Posts

This is another sidebar box that is of questionable importance, but I think it has served its purpose quite well.  I feature these five posts (more will be added later) because these are the columns that I have put the most time into.  They are usually very personal or meaningful in content, and I really want everyone to read them.  But if this is seen as just taking up space and not having much use, I’d consider taking it down.

Fellow Bloggers

If you are looking for other average joes and janes who love cinema and foist their love onto the world wide web, then click any one of these links and be transported to another fantastic blog.  For those who blog, the quickest way to get on this list is by commenting enough for me to really notice you – but I also creepily express my admiration here too.

The Pros

I’m not going to pretend like I have all the answers to every movie question.  Try asking me about any movie made before 1990.  I’ve seen maybe 50 of them.

But I know people who do know the answers, and I want you to find the answers.  So, I have included a box that will direct you to some professional movie sites that I visit very frequently.  Some are databases, some are real critics’ blogs, and others are speculations from those close to the industry.  Hopefully between all of these, you can find anything you could ever want (except maybe the meaning of life).

F.I.L.M. of the Week

The anchor of the sidebar highlights the movie I featured as my F.I.L.M. (First-Class, Independent Little-Known Movie) of the Week.  I like having it there because it’s an additional way to feature my selection, and it promotes a movie that is undoubtedly good in my mind.  Clicking on the poster will take you to my article explaining what makes it so great.

The box seemed a little awkward to me at first, so I posted a poll to gauge the reader’s opinion.  The vote was 6-2 in favor of keeping it, so I have.

And thus concludes the “Explaining the Sidebar” series.  I hope this has proved both educational, entertaining, and informing for you – but it won’t be the latter of three for me if you don’t comment and let me know how I can make the sidebar better for you.



One response

16 04 2010

Ah, I was wondering what F.I.L.M. stood for.
Good pick this week with Waltz with Bashir.
Dark movie with absolutely stunning animation.

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