REVIEW: Paper Heart

15 04 2010

What drew me into “Paper Heart” was how adorable Charlyne Yi was.  Here is a normal girl, maybe a bit too frumpy for Hollywood standards, trying to make it big.  Oh, I so wanted her to succeed and take the business by storm!

And this seemed to be such a great pilot for her career (although her bit role in “Knocked Up” was pretty darn funny).  It’s a twist on the romantic comedy genre, almost lampooning it and criticizing it for the ideas that it puts into our heads about how a relationship should be.  Inside the movie, Charlyne makes a documentary about how she doesn’t believe in love when all of a sudden, Michael Cera shows up and sweeps her off of her feet.  From afar, it seemed to be so original and introspective.

As much as I wanted it to succeed, what could have been original turned out to be quite predictable.  Thankfully, it wasn’t predictable in conventional or clichéd ways.  Let’s think about this, what’s going to happen if you are trying to start a romantic relationship when you have camera crews following you around everywhere.  Obviously, a major strain is going to develop and communication is going to be severely hampered.  Any person who can think logically will have figured this movie out within a matter of minutes, and the other 90 will only serve to confirm what you already know.

Yet there’s something about “Paper Heart” that makes it impossible to really hate.  It definitely feels very genuine, and Charlyne Yi is able to connect really well to the movie because she wrote it.  Throughout the “documentary” portion, she interviews people and asks them what they think love is and why they believe in it.  She gathers up some interesting suspects, from science professors to schoolyard kids to married couples.  These views are presented, and you can agree with whomever you want.  It’s just like Burger King; you can have it your way.  There’s something rather satisfying about that.  B /



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