Random Factoid #271

25 04 2010

Do you ever hear a song in a movie and from then on forever associate it with that movie?

Well, I do.  Last night at prom, I heard Flo-Rida’s “Right Round” for the first time in months.  While the song played, I could not stop thinking about “The Hangover.”  If you are one of the 10 people in the world that haven’t seen the movie, you wouldn’t know that the song played over the hilarious ending credits.  Anyone that has seen the movie does not need me to go into detail.

I knew the song before I saw “The Hangover;” really, anyone who listened to the radio knew it too.  But now, the song will forever me connected with the movie.



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25 04 2010

Ahah I have a different song associated with The Hangover, that Usher song. Yes, I always tend to associate particular pop songs that appear in movies (or the trailer!) with them. For example, The Verve Bittersweet Symphony with Cruel Intentions or Aaliyah’s Try Again with Romeo Must Die More recently, Lifehouse Broken with The Time Traveler’s Wife.

25 04 2010

I have a different movie associated with “Right Round.” During the hundreds and hundreds of ads I saw for the movie “The Ugly Truth” that song played, and it also the end song of the movie. I would much rather associate this song with a much better and more memerable movie such as “The Hangover”, but it was unfortunatly associated with “The Ugly Truth” first, and now every single time I hear that song I think about that not-so-great movie.

26 04 2010

Well, that’s a shame. It feels like bad rom-coms always steal a pop song for their trailer even whenever it couldn’t be more out of place.

Case in point: Ke$hA’s “TiK ToK” in the trailer for J-Lo’s “The Back-Up Plan.”

26 04 2010

Don’t You (Forget About Me) from The Breakfast Club, Neutron Dance by The Pointer Sisters: Beverly Hills Cop, Everything I Do, I Do It For You by Bryan Adams: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, My Heart Will Go On (Titanic), Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins: Top Gun, and I Got You Babe, Groundhog Day.

28 04 2010

Shadow of the Sun – Collateral

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