Random Factoid #273

27 04 2010

Scott at “He Shot Cyrus” wants to know when my parents started letting me watch R-rated movies.

Way back in Random Factoid #5, I let you all know the first time I saw PG-13 and R-rated movies, but those were mere exceptions.  Those were individual movies within the ratings, not a blank check to see any movie within the rating.

I can trace back when my parents stopped their discretion with R-rated movies to July 18, 2008, when I was 15.  I really wanted to see “Wanted” (pun fully intended), and my mom just caved in and let me go.  From then on, my parents just didn’t seem to care what I was seeing just as long as I paid for the ticket.



4 responses

28 04 2010

I expected to hate “Wanted” (I don’t, ahem, care much for Angelina Jolie) but James McAvoy’s character made me love it. That scene where they’re jumping him in — what? that’s what they’re doing — to their gang and he screams “I don’t know who I am” just kills me.

28 04 2010

I actually loved “Wanted” and am still waiting for a summer movie to come along that is like it. Just rip-roaring action and entertainment that isn’t necessarily a comic book movie. And Angelina Jolie is nice too … here’s to hoping “Salt” is awesome.

P.S. – You just wrote the 500th comment. Nice!

28 04 2010

Hate to sound like a d*** dude, but my mom didn’t really care after I was 12, but my dad would always flip sh*t, if the film made one reference to sex at all. Like I can never watch any dirty movies with him cause he goes nuts. However, I’m always allowed to watch R-rated movies by myself, I do it almost every day son.

29 04 2010

Son? Aren’t we the same age? Apologies for the censorship, but I have a PG rating to keep up…

My parents are the opposite; my dad wasn’t quite as strict.

By the way, trust me, I watch plenty of R-rated movies without others.

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