What To Look Forward To in … Summer 2010

5 05 2010

Before the season actually gets kicked off in two days, I thought it was necessary to spell out my five most anticipated movies of summer 2010.  Rather than bore you with verbose observations, I will give you the rationale for my picks with only two things: the movie’s trailer and 10 words or less describing why I’m dying to see it.

Winter’s Bone (June 11)

I can’t wait because … it’s a rare summer drama and won big at Sundance.

Shrek Forever After (May 21)

I can’t wait because … it has to redeem “Shrek” after the last movie stunk!

Eat, Pray, Love (August 13)

I can’t wait because … this is that enjoyable watching chick-flick I’m always weak for.

Robin Hood (May 14)

I can’t wait because … Russell Crowe has Maximus bottled up inside for this.

Get Him to the Greek (June 4)

I can’t wait because … it’s time for Jonah Hill and Russell Brand’s breakout movies.

The Kids Are All Right (July 7)

I can’t wait because … it’s an indie and this makes comedy out of controversy.

Iron Man 2 (May 7)

I can’t wait because … action plus Robert Downey Jr. have equaled big fun before.

Toy Story 3 (June 18)

I can’t wait because … it’s going to be like revisiting my childhood!

Salt (July 23)

I can’t wait because … Angelina kicks butt!  And it’s not a franchise movie!

Inception (July 16)

I can’t wait because … it’s Christopher Nolan’s follow-up to a new classic.



7 responses

6 05 2010
Ross McG

man, its nice to have all the big trailers in one place, i can click and watch away!

6 05 2010
Ross McG

The Kids Are All Right looks.. well, all right.
someone read my mind and put my favourite actor (Ruffalo) and my favourite actress (Moore) in a film together

6 05 2010

The only reason I’m excited about “Eat Pray Love” is because it has Javier Bardem in it. I have naughty dreams about him … er, ha ha, I mean, that man SURE CAN ACT!

This better be the last “Shrek” movie. I’ll see it because I have a pathological need to finish out the series even though I am violently opposed to it. The first was stellar, the second was even pretty good and the third was a blatant ripoff of the Monty Python films.

I could not be more excited about “The Kids Are Allright” — love Julianne Moore, love Annette Bening and really love Mark Ruffalo.

6 05 2010

Maybe channeling “It’s A Wonderful Life” with the fourth installment will help bring back some poise and charm.

And don’t worry, even if this ends the “Shrek” series, we have the Puss in Boots spin-off next summer! Looks like that closure will be incomplete at best.

6 05 2010
Encore Entertainment

Robin Hood. Hell yes, Cate Blanchett, Russell Crow…how can I say no? And of course Everything’s All Right. Annette AND Julianne AND Mark…this just sounds like something of seismic proportions, so I’m hot on that too.

I’m anticipating Inception and Salt, albeit in a more tempered way for both.

6 05 2010

Inception will have to be the best thing ever. Its the law.

7 05 2010
Aiden R

Just went to a screening of Get Him to the Greek last night and it was effing hilarious. Definitely look forward to that one.

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