Random Factoid #292

16 05 2010

I went to a free screening yesterday morning at 9:30 A.M.  Yes, that early.  I was in line by 8:15, thank you for asking.

But that’s not what this factoid is about.  It is about the crazy concession purchases that were happening at 9:00 in the morning.  I saw people with hot dogs, nachos, and all sorts of lunch foods.

I was shocked!  People eat breakfast at 9:00 and here these people have moved on to lunch.  My general rule is not to have popcorn until after lunch.  Drinks are always OK; pretzels don’t really have a rule of thumb.  Buncha Crunch, my sweet snack, always wait until after lunch.

Anyone else have any concession “rules” or timeframes?



One response

16 05 2010

The thought of that kind of food in the early morning…It makes my stomach turn. I wonder if live the day backwards and have their breakfast in the late evening 🙂

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