Random Factoid #302

26 05 2010

Boo yeah!

The first full day of summer kicked off with a bang.  I went to return some CDs and a movie to the library, my main source for movies, this morning.  Sometimes I have to work the system to get more movies, which requires me to go up to the desk instead of using the electronic checkout.

And when I went up today to checkout, they knew my name!  “Hold on a second, Marshall,” the lady said.  I’ve always dreamed of being known by a ticket person at a movie theater, but this is the next best thing.



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27 05 2010

Yeah, back when I reviewed movies for a small-potatoes newspaper and the editor ran a mugshot of me with the column, sometimes I’d get stopped in the grocery store or Walmart by random people. Or I could see them get a funny look in their eye, like they knew my face but not my name, and then they’d say: “Hey, you’re that movie girl.”

I’m pretty sure it was the highlight of my life.

27 05 2010
James D.

At least you aren’t known by a bartender!

27 05 2010

Seeing as I am 17 years old, that probably wouldn’t be such a good thing.

27 05 2010
Frank Mengarelli

That’s excellent! Before I had money I would binge at the library, at college – they had a plethora of films, but you could only watch them there. And now that I have a real job, I spend most of my paycheck buying them. What a sad creature of habit I’ve turned into.

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