Random Factoid #304

28 05 2010

I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong.  I pull out the Christmas music at the beginning of November, and I even have a “Christmas in July” day where I pull it out just once to get me energized … six months in advance.  So I’m hardly your Grinch type.

But honestly, HBO, do you really need to be showing “Four Christmases” in the middle of the summer?  It’s almost like a cruel taunt, poking us and saying “7 months left until Christmas” with a sinister smile.  I liked that movie, but I’m not going to sit down and watch it during the wrong season.

Anyone else feel the same way?  I wouldn’t classify my feelings as anger, but I just think it’s strange that HBO would subject us to holiday entertainment at this time of the year.



2 responses

29 05 2010
Encore Entertainment

I don’t know, I have a bad habit of playing Christmas songs all year round – especially to annoy my neighbours. I remember some time back I was elated to find Home Alone on during July.

29 05 2010

Funny you should say that because I’m watching “Home Alone” right now…

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