Random Factoid #316

9 06 2010

Recently, my family and I have noticed a very strange looking bird lurking around our neighborhood.  He stands on two large legs, only comes out after dusk, and is not easily scared by cars and people.  He can fly, although I have only seen him do it once.  He shows up irregularly; I will see him several consecutive days and then not again for a week or so.

The bird has become a sort of fascination for my family.  We love to speculate on what it’s doing, what kind of bird it actually is, and what he does during the day.

But we don’t just call it “the weird bird.”  We have given it a name: Kevin.

Catch the movie reference?  We call it Kevin because it reminds us of the large bird that Russell finds in the South American jungles in the movie “Up.”



3 responses

9 06 2010

Hhaha that is quite crazy, I must say!

9 06 2010

Thats awesome.

10 06 2010

This sounds like something my late Grandma would do. Her closest friends towards the end of her life were television hosts of popular game shows. She kept telling us they were speaking directly to her. And on Deal or No Deal, she thought she had won the phone-in prize every single day. We always asked her when they were going to deliver the money. She used to pause for a second then tell us it was in the bank already!

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