“Get Low” Poll Results

11 06 2010

Back in May, I wrote about the Oscar chances of “Get Low,” which premiered at last year’s Toronto Film Festival and opens on July 30.  Particularly, I speculated about Robert Duvall and his status as an acting legend.  Would that be enough to catapault him into the race?  I said:

Here’s my question: does [Duvall] need Oscar bait?  He’s already won Best Actor!  Sure, it was over 25 years ago (1983 for “Tender Mercies” to be exact), but that’s still a trophy on the mantle at Duvall Manor.

People make this argument for Meryl Streep year after year.  ”She won so long ago,” they say.  ”They don’t need to hide their affection; just give her another Oscar!”

The difference between the two is as follows.  Since Robert Duvall won the Oscar, he has received two other nominations (in consecutive years, as a matter of fact).  Since Meryl Streep won her last Oscar, she has been nominated eleven times!  Eleven!

I think he will get nominated for an Oscar.  I polled to see what you all thought, and the results seemed to confirm what I thought.

Be sure to take the poll on the Oscar Moment for “Shutter Island!” I’m not sure how long I should keep a poll running; this one ran for over a month and that’s definitely too long.  I’ll happily field your suggestions in the comments below!



3 responses

11 06 2010

I missed this poll, but I would definately say that he’ll probably get a nomination, and if you HAD to list a favorite to win it all right now, Duvall would be in the lead.

12 06 2010

Duvall might get those same Bridges votes from last year.

12 06 2010

I agree with you to some extent, but as my research shows in the Oscar Moment (which is hyperlinked in this post) there isn’t the same sense of urgency to reward a revered actor who already has an Oscar. But if they don’t want to welcome a new actor into their elite ranks this year, I could easily see the Academy giving Duvall a pat on the back and a second statue.

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