Random Factoid #324

17 06 2010

In keeping with the Pixar/”Toy Story” theme of the week for Random Factoids, I was planning on whipping out some massive nostalgia today.

I was planning on referencing this section of Random Factoid #19, describing a birthday party of mine:

Age 7 – 1999: The movie was “Toy Story 2,” which is still one of my all-time favorites.  We hosted it at the AMC Studio 30 theater, and I remember that we got to go upstairs, which is restricted to the general public, to the special party room.  The only other thing particularly memorable was that one of my friends had to leave in the first five minutes because he was terrified by Buzz Lightyear on his own planet (which turned out to be Rex playing a video game).  And he was one of the tough kids.

As I was thinking about factoids, I could have sworn that we still had some “Toy Story 2” pencils lying around my house somewhere.  I was planning on announcing to the world that 11 years later, I still had those pencils (which were used as party favors).

But as it turns out, they must have bit the dust because I couldn’t find them.  I only bother to still tell you because I had big plans and big ambitions.  Sorry to disappoint, but sometimes there’s entertainment in failure.  How else can you explain the popularity of the FAIL Blog?

So to compensate, here are some of my favorite clips from the first two movies:



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