“Shutter Island” Poll Results

23 06 2010

Guess you all didn’t buy it.

In my Oscar Moment about “Shutter Island,” I suggested that Martin Scorsese’s latest might have an outside shot at a Best Picture nomination.

Some people saw it as a possibility, like Dan the Man, who said, “I can see this, but yet, it was released early on in the year, and Oscars tend to look past that, but you may have something going here.”  Dreher Bear added, “It’s the Oscars, anything is possible.”

Others, ultimately the majority, disagreed.  Dave Diggler took the strongest pose against it, saying, “Shutter Island has no chance either at the Oscars or the BAFTAS.”  The Pompous Film Snob, Frank Mengarelli, added, “…no way near best picture, director, or actor – and to be honest, I don’t think it deserves it.”

But apparently, I wasn’t too crazy.  Five people thought it had no chance, and four people didn’t discount it as a possibility.  So you never know.  Just saying.



2 responses

23 06 2010
Danny King

I think the film has an outside shot; I certainly wouldn’t call you crazy. I think one of the things that could work to the film’s advantage is its box-office success. Because this summer has been so weak, there may be very few (if any) summer blockbusters which earn Best Picture nominations. The Academy may turn towards a film like “Shutter Island,” which isn’t quite a blockbuster, but still enjoyed great commercial success, and enough critical support.

23 06 2010

I think Shutter Island definitely has a fighting chance for nomination. Particularly due to the fact that, as Danny King pointed out, there isn’t a lot of strong competition this summer. Visually it was a pretty stunning film, with a good performance by di Caprio and a quality screenplay and, although it had its faults, I really wouldn’t be surprised to see it at the Oscars.

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