Origins: The List

6 07 2010

“The Origins Project” today looks at Kai, affectionately known as Kaiderman, of “The List.” He’s been searching for a name for a while, but he’s hardly short of a voice.  He’s a great writer with a killer sense of humor, as well as a great reader and commenter on this blog for two months now.

What movie began your love affair with cinema?

I’ve loved films all my life but decided I wanted to become a screenwriter after seeing the film (and reading the book) Fight Club. I had gone through a bad depression and emerged full of anger. The movie connected with me because it shows both sides of that coin and, ultimately, the path that lies between.

When did you start blogging?

December 2009.

Why did you start blogging?

It was my wife’s suggestion. I had gotten out of the habit of writing my scripts regularly. I think I had gone a year without writing a word. It’s hard when you have kids, a wife and a full time job. My wife suggested the blog as a way to get back in the habit of just writing. It started as a blog where I’d just make lists about whatever popped in my head but after my 3rd post it just became a movie blog. Movies are how I spend most of my time and what I talk about most of the time so it just made sense.

What has kept you going?

Well, honestly, I love the sound of my own voice and I think I’m brilliant. Aside from that, my wife (my biggest supporter). The readers (because what’s the point without them). And the bloggers who encouraged me early on… I’ve gotten to know and befriend so many more bloggers but Paul from Paragraph Film Reviews (the first stranger to comment on my site), Castor at Anomalous, M. Carter from @ the movies, Aiden from Cut the Crap, Heather from Movie Mobsters and, of course, the Rosses were real supporters that visited the site early on and often.

Has there been a particular person (or people) that has helped you along the way?

See the above… haha. Truthfully, this whole thing is nothing without the blogging community. Sometimes I fear they’re the only ones who are reading… at the same time, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing because we all feel the same way and have the same passion! I think everyone on my blogroll has contributed to the growth of THE LIST.

What’s the best part of being a blogger? The worst?

BEST: Having a voice… no matter how inconsequential.
WORST: Content. Content. Content. Everyone needs a break every now and then and bloggers don’t take one!

Has blogging increased or diminished your passion for movies?

My love of films cannot be diminished. I don’t do reviews because I don’t want to judge films. I want to enjoy them. That’s one of the reasons why I started my new ongoing REASONS MOVIES RULE post. So I could just talk about stupid little things that make lame little films (like Karate Kid or Road House) awesome! After all, at the end of the day, this is supposed to be fun.

What’s your proudest moment as a blogger?

I have 3:
1. I didn’t get any LAMMY noms but Dylan told me I got a few votes for funniest writer. I love making people laugh so I’m glad I caught someone’s attention. P.S. I’m getting that nomination next year if I have to verbally slip on banana peels for the next 10 months!
2. My Step-Dad told me he heard my Mom laughing out loud in another room one day. He went in to see what was making her laugh and she was reading my blog on her phone. She doesn’t care about writing or movies so that made me real proud.
3. Finding you site on someone’s blogroll… always an honor!

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow their passion? To someone starting a blog of their own?

1. Keep your eyes fixed on the stars, no matter how many walls you may run into as a result!
2. Don’t worry about your layout and all the bells and whistles. In the end, the only thing that matters is the content and your voice. If you have that, people will find you!

Stay tuned to “The Origins Project,” tomorrow covering Dreher Bear of “Where the Buffalo Roam.”



6 responses

6 07 2010
Encore Entertainment

Aaaaaw, okay Kai wins for most sincere (and though there aren’t many lists any more, I do love the name of the blog).

6 07 2010

I have been lacking Lists lately but mainly because I’ve been getting a podcast together [*cough**debuts this week**cough]. Thanks for having me on for this, Marsh! Good times. I’d love to get you on my cast one of these days!

6 07 2010

I’m honored! If you want me on the MILFcast, aim for this summer. I’m harder to catch once schools starts and I get involved with shows.

7 07 2010

Maybe you’re on to something with this “don’t review; enjoy” angle. But I don’t think I could stop reviewing even if I wanted to! Everyone’s a critic, after all…

Kai, you have a knack for coming with inventive, interesting and very funny ideas for posts. I’m still laughing about your “man crush” list.

15 07 2010
Aiden R.

Yeah, you’ll definitely be getting that nom next year. You’re a monster, Kai. A MONSTER!!!

24 07 2010
Paragraph Film Reviews

Boy, do I remember my first visit to the List or what!!! Since that fateful day I’ve been an addict, and it’s been good to watch the site snowball and content range from zombies to threesomes… awesome.

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