Random Factoid #346

9 07 2010

Last night I got rejected from my second straight advanced promotional screening.  I’ve got some bad karma working, hopefully I’ll turn it around next week.

Anyways, the theater was nicer than any other I’d been to for these screenings and offered discount prices on all other movies.  All you had to do was surrender the pass at the box office.  I had four passes for two people, but I still printed them all out anyways.

I happened to see my Sunday School teacher and his nephew there to see “Toy Story 3.”  After my friend and I had exchanged our two passes for tickets, basic math would tell us that I still had two passes left.  Basic math is correct in this situation.

A thought then entered my head, and I decided to make someone else’s night.  I went up to my Sunday School teacher and gave him the other two passes.  It ended up saving him about $6.  As I handed them to him, I said, “Take these, it will save you money.”

As I made this exchange, the lady in charge of the screenings happened to be watching.  I walked away with a big smile on my face, and I happened to catch a glimpse at her expression.  She was less than pleased, as if I had just committed extortion or cheated.

And I didn’t care what she thought.  She got to see the movie, and I didn’t.  I did something good for someone else and made the best out of a bad situation.



One response

13 07 2010

How exactly did you start getting advanced promotional screenings? Have been wanting to do that for some time now.

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