Random Factoid #350

13 07 2010

Is it worth it to see animated movies in 3D anymore?  That’s the question Cinematical posed on their site, and it’s the question I’m answering in the random factoid.

18 out of the 28 weekends this year have been dominated by 3D movies, 8 of which were animated movies.  The latest to claim the top spot was “Despicable Me,” which exceeded each and every expectation the industry laid out for it.  However, only 45% of its profits came from bloated 3D ticket prices.  This is good news to me because it gives me hope that America doesn’t just blindly drink the 3D Kool-Aid.

Seemingly every animated movie being released is in 3D, and often times it does add something.  But how do you know when to go and when not to?  I haven’t paid for 3D since “Clash of the Titans;” however, through free screenings I have had the opportunity to see “Shrek Forever After” and “Toy Story 3” in 3D.  Had I paid extra to see them in 3D, I wouldn’t have been too happy.  It’s cool but not worth $3.50 because it doesn’t really add much to the experience.

So my new rule of thumb is unless I have heard that the 3D is spectacular, or the movie is shot in 3D, I will not be paying those premium ticket prices.  Even if it does make the unicorn look fluffier.



2 responses

14 07 2010

I will ONLY see the movie in 3D if it was shot in 3D also. I’ve heard just too many lackluster things about family 3D movies, or any 3D movie that had the effects added before release. The only movie I think was necessary to see in 3D was of course…Avatar.

14 07 2010

Oh god, this whole 3D mumbo jumbo is such a nuisance already! I’m totally with you on only bothering with it when absolutely necessary. The last ones I saw in 3D were Avatar (where it seemed sort of necessary for the “event” aspect) and How To Train Your Dragon (only because I accidentally went to the wrong theater, but it proved to be quite visually stunning). But I definitely hope it dies soon. Overkill big time.

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