Random Factoid #353

16 07 2010

To your left is a sight that I’ve been waiting to look at for nearly a year – my ticket for “Inception.”  In a little less than four hours, I will be basking in the glory of Christopher Nolan’s latest feature.  At the time this post is published, I would be in the theater at the midnight showing of the movie.  But life has a way of surprising us.  If everything went according to plan, it wouldn’t be life.

So I guess I’ll use this factoid to kind of wrap-up everything leading up to “Inception.”  Thanks to everyone this week that has been reading all of my reviews of Nolan’s films; I’ve been seeing the stats and reading the comments, and everything has just been incredible.

You may recall that back in April, I described my desire to avoid all things “Inception” leading up to the release.  I’ll quote that post, Random Factoid #275, here:

I am attempting to do the impossible: avoid the media blitz surrounding Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” and walk into the theater on July 16th without knowing anything about the plot.  I am not going to read plot summaries, watch trailers, or read any sort of specific review.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes not to have this movie spoiled.  I will start bringing either headphones or earplugs to tentpole summer movies where previews will most assuredly play.  If I see any feature on the movie, I will shield my eyes and go away.

First of all, I want to issue a blanket apology to any friend of mine who put up with my obsession for the last few months.  Particular apologies go out to anyone who has seen a movie with me, where during an “Inception” trailer, I would plug my ears, close my eyes, and hum to drone out the noise.  This was a good way to clear out the other folks on my row, but my friends never abandoned me.  Another apology to anyone who has watched TV with me because I would often demand a channel change when a commercial for “Inception” came on.

But hopefully my persistence pays off tonight.  I have not watched a trailer since the teaser, and I know next to nothing about the plot.  I avoided looking at posters and slogans, didn’t look at any plot descriptions, and have only seen about 10 stills from the movie.  I think that’s pretty impressive.

And I’m so ready to absorb the movie that I’ve bought several magazines with spotlights on “Inception,” including the American Cinematographer, which features a discussion with DP Wally Pfister.  (Trade tidbit: DP is short for “director of photography,” which is another way of saying cinematographer.)

And all my technology has been decked out in “Inception.”  Both my phone background and computer desktop are artwork from the movie.



4 responses

16 07 2010

Now that’s commitment! I can’t say I’ve ever been able to last that long in holding out for a release. I assume a review is coming very soon? It seems the blogging community are gaga for it, but some press reviews are giving it slightly below A-grade marks…

16 07 2010

I’m in the theater right now for the first IMAX showing of the day! A review should be coming today. And the only people that have given it bad reviews are people who can’t understand it. Which raises the question why do we pay to listen/read them if they can’t understand a movie?

16 07 2010

A big problem has been “critics” giving it bad reviews because they weren’t given the super special screening date instead of ONLY seeing it 2-3 days before. I swear anyone of us could do their jobs for less than half the pay and still love that job.

16 07 2010

I admire your dedication, sir. Wish I could say the same, but I was combing for character names when James Franco was still in the cast. Hope you like it, and it lives up to the hype you never buzzed.

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