Two HUGE Milestones!

21 07 2010

Well, folks, as I approach the big day (in a week! ahh!), I’ve hit two big milestones that I have to thank all my readers for helping me achieve.  I don’t like to use statistical benchmarks to measure success, but these are HUGE.

In the past week, I have hit 20,000 views and 1,000 comments!!  It’s a concrete reminder of all the people that I am reaching, and all the people who feel compelled to share their opinions with me.

While I’m at it, I figured I might as well talk about what’s coming up.  The unexpectedly popular “The Origins Project” will run until the end of the month when I will wrap it up with my own answers and a general overview of what we can learn from everyone’s responses.  The Christopher Nolan extravaganza has come and gone, but you can look forward to a lot of reviews from Julianne Moore’s repertoire that I will contribute to the LAMB Acting School on her.

The commenting contest is still going on for the month, and I’m really encouraged to see how many people have commented even though I haven’t played that up very much.  For those who might not have read the announcement back in June, it’s a contest for the top two commenters.  First gets a poster for a Nolan movie; second gets an gift card.  Maybe later I’ll get an early count for those curious…

And beginning on the anniversary is the “Marshall and Julie Project,” a very in-depth reflection on what really got me started blogging: Julie Powell and “Julie & Julia.”  That will run for two weeks or so, and I really hope everyone enjoys it.  It’s definitely going to be very personal and introspective.

Thanks for making July 2010 my biggest month – in TWENTY DAYS!



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22 07 2010

Hazzah, milestones!

How does one count their views/overall comments? Is it a WordPress thing?

22 07 2010


If you’re looking for something else to add to that list of things to write about, I’m blasting through the filmography of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and asking other people to contribute with their own stuff. Interested?

22 07 2010

I’d love to – I’ll send you my links for “Inception,” “(500) Days of Summer,” and “The Lookout.” I think those are the only reviews of his movies I’ve written, but I can for sure write some more. When is this “event” so I can be sure to write them in time?

22 07 2010

Well, the plug should be going up on the LAMB within the next few days, but I’m starting my write ups today with BRICK. So, sometime in the next few days would be great.

22 07 2010
Encore Entertainment

Congratulations. In hindsight, seeing how big a Nolan fan you (and a lot of people) are it makes sense having the poster as the top prize.

22 07 2010

It looked like nothing more than a lame excuse for Jolie to go around kicking ass.

22 07 2010

Did you mean to post this on my review of “Salt?”

22 07 2010

Congrats – those really are two great milestones. I wish Blogger would tell me how many comments I’ve had in my blog’s life without me having to count them (as if). That’s a nifty WP feature.

22 07 2010
Aiden R.

That is such a huge milestone, always nice to be reminded that people really do read and interact. Don’t quit now, homey.

22 07 2010

Congrats, Marsh, I barely have 20,000 hits period!

24 07 2010

Congrats on the milestone! May you get to 2000 comments even faster 🙂

25 07 2010

Congrats Marshall. Expect to see about 9 or 10 comments from me today. Been away from good internet access for a while (a week…pretty pathetic actually), so I’m trying to play catch-up. Besides my own of course, your is the first blog to get such treatment. 🙂

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