Random Factoid #363

26 07 2010

Just like a convict or Lindsay Lohan, the pre-show entertainment before your movies is doing some reform.  According to an article in The New York Times, Screenvision is trying to take “advertainment” to a whole new level.  They say:

“Instead of the usual assortment of trivia, banner ads and snack-bar enticements, the new advertising preshow will rely more on celebrity and sponsored entertainment.”

We will get to see exclusive content from NASCAR (because nothing says “sophisticated” quite like it, I can’t wait to get to the theater before a Best Picture nominee and watch their stuff), Timbaland, and Paula Abdul.  And rather than have us pretend like our cell phones don’t exist, they plan to incorporate the smartphone into the experience by providing exclusive mobile-only content, which could include coupons you can only download in the theater.

The real question is, will moviegoers care?  I won’t.  According to their research, about 23 percent of moviegoers are in their seats 16 minutes before the trailers start; about 50 percent of the audience is seated 10 minutes before showtime.  I have no set routine, I like to slip in just as the pre-show entertainment ends and the trailers begin.  I’m only there before if it’s going to be a crowded show, and I’m only intentionally there later if I know the movie will be pretty empty.  This isn’t likely to change my moviegoing behaviors unless the coupons are very substantial.

Will you change?  Do you care now and would you care if they changed?



2 responses

27 07 2010

I usually come in early (15-20 minutes before trailers start) just so I get a good seat, even earlier if I think the movie is popular. I don’t care what they’re showing on screen ’cause I usually use that time to chat with my friends or txt message, etc. so I’m not paying attention at the screen unless there’s something that interest me. This won’t make a dent in my moviegoing routine at all.

27 07 2010

I don’t get to the theater very early, usually its just 5 minutes before the trailers start. I also don’t have a smartphone, so I will be missing out on those coupons as well. Darn.

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