Random Factoid #365

28 07 2010

Well, folks, Random Factoid #365 is my 666th post.  How’s that for a bad omen?

But I’m not one to be superstitious.  I am one to celebrate … umm, HOLY &*$%#!!!  How did I get here?  I can thank Julie Powell – and Julia Child as well.  So today, I decided to thank the latter for a change.

You’ll hear more about it later, but for my anniversary, I decided to make Reine de Saba, a chocolate-almond cake from the massive cooking anthology that Child authored, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  I did it mostly on my own, and I dug in.  It was quite tasty.

Julia suggested decorating the cake with almonds.  Check out my design … and careful not to drool on your keyboard.



3 responses

29 07 2010
Encore Entertainment

Seeing that my birthday is the sixth of June (I had the inevitable 06/06/06 birthday: devil child) I don’t think it’s a bad open.

(I think almonds are disgusting :P)

8 08 2010

I will second that almonds are disgusting.

8 08 2010

Well the cake was good, so there. It had a very unique taste – the icing was very sweet between the chocolate and the rum.

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