Random Factoid #366

29 07 2010

I read a fascinating post over at Kaiderman’s “The List” today entitled “Films You Didn’t Know I’m Never Going to See.” It was so great that it inspired a factoid on a slow Thursday evening.

Kai listed three movies he just won’t see, all of which are pretty darned scary.  I’m not too easily spooked, but I do have a line of what I will and won’t see.

If I’m aware that a movie has a plot revolving around the devil or Satan, I won’t see it.  I wasn’t aware that “Paranormal Activity” had one (really, no one knew what the movie was about before they saw it), so that was one exception.  I may make an exception for “The Exorcist” because it’s one of the highest-grossing movies ever made and “Rosemary’s Baby” because it is Roman Polanski.  Other than that, I’m out.  It’s not a moral objection; I just don’t want to see any sort of Satanic horror.



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29 07 2010

I could not be more with you (and happy to inspire a factoid). My moral compass has more lee way as I get older… I actually love Paranormal… but demon movies are case by case with me. I’m still retiscent about seeing House of the Devil, which I own, just cuz of the title… and The Exorcist is the mother of all these films.

29 07 2010

Satanic rituals do hit a little close to home for me…y’know, cause of all that witch-burning I did in my younger years. Good times…

30 07 2010

I’m with you Marshall, and not just for the spook factor. I did see The Exorcist but I wish I could ‘un-see’ it. Evil is real in this world, I don’t see how that is ‘entertainment’ for people. So, good call, man!

8 08 2010

Horror movies don’t bother me per say, but I don’t go out of the way to see them.

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